What is UCYC?

UCYC – Ukrainian Catholic Youth of Canada

UCYC Moto: Alive in Christ Through our Faith & Heritage.

Membership: All youth, young men, and young women of the Ukrainian Catholic Church community are members of the Ukrainian Catholic Youth of Canada (UCYC).

UCYC Patron Saint: St. Micheal the Archangel.

Purpose of the UCYC: To encourage & enable young people of our Ukrainian Catholic Christian Community to share their gifts with their brothers & sisters in Christ supported in love by the community.

Goals of UCYC:

  • 1. To foster the total personal & spiritual growth of each young person.
  • 2. To journey with youth to full responsibility & participation in the life, and work of our faith community.
Eparchial Executive Committee for 2011-2013:
  • President – Joyanne Rudiak
  • Vice President 1 – Emily Storie
  • Vice President 2 – Matt Charanduk
  • Treasurer – Michael Buckler
  • Secretary – Marissa Nahirney
  • Media Director – Tetiana Hlus
  • Members at Large – Kaitlin Chelack, Namisha Hlus

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