Kids Have Fun at Parish Programs

Most parishes have programs where they teach, play with and pray with their kids.  Part of the mission of the Youth Ministry Office is to support parishes in our Eparchy in this type of ministry.  If you would like help setting up events in your parish, or if you would like to know what is going on in a parish near you, please contact Millie the Director.

Below is a short little video of some kids attending Holy Spirit Parish in Lloydminster’s “Kid’s Club”.  In the video you will hear them laugh as they race to pass smarties from one bowl to another without using their hands.  The Kid’s Club at this parish meets every few weeks on Fridays after school in the parish basement.  In addition to visiting and playing fun games, they also do singing practice, altar serving practice, they study about their faith by using the “God with Us” series, and they eat.  Wow do they ever eat.


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