Well, Unity 2012 is done… by Organizer Tamara

Well, Unity 2012 is done….and it was AMAZING!!!

Thank to all the workers, the participants, the leaders, the presenters and the supporters!!

It was an awsome journey INTO THE WILD!!  and we all found our path!!

Thank you everyone for all the memories!  Thank you to all my helpers for all that they did to make Unity 2012 the success that it was!  Thank you to everyone that attended Unity 2012 (I can’t believe it’s done….was it just a dream????)  WHAT A CELEBRATION!!!!!!  (Ok now everyone make me laugh…)

I hope everyone made it home safe and sound today (or in the next few days for those that have extended their journey).

I need to thank a group that I forgot to thank at the banquet…Thank you to the Ontario group for providing the wine for the banquet!  (I knew I would forget to mention someone…sorry about that!)

We will be posting photos within the week for everyone to see!  Also, if you have not filled in and given me the evaluation form, then please feel free to drop it in the mail and send it to me at: 233 Scotia St, Wpg, MB, R2V 1V7.  I will also put a copy of the form on line for you to fill out and e-mail or mail to me ASAP.  Thank you for sharing your thought for us to share with the future Unity planning Teams.

Thank you again for everything!!


and the Unity 2012 Planning Team!

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