Camp St. Basil, Summer 2013

St. Basil’s Children’s Camp (near Pigeon Lake) will take place this year from July7th  till July 20th. This is a two week camp for children 7 – 14 years old.  Please call Fr. Ireneus at 780-434-8010.

It’s almost here… Listen to the Call!


We’re just a few days away from our winter retreat, “Listen to the Call,” in Calgary, and we are getting very excited to spend the weekend with you. Remember to let either Matt or Joyanne know ASAP if you plan to attend (and why wouldn’t you? It’s going to be awesome!).

To help you get an idea of the weekend, here is the schedule:

Friday, November 16, 2012

7:30pm: Registration
8:00pm: Welcome/Ice Breakers
9:00pm: Creation of small groups/first small groups session
9:30pm: Reflection
10:00pm: Movie/games/snacks

Saturday, November 17, 2012

9:00am: Breakfast
9:45am: Morning Reflection
10:00am: Speaker #1 (Fr. Mark)
11:00am: Break
11:15am: What is UCY? (Joyanne)
12:00pm: Small Groups
12:15pm: Lunch
1:15pm: Speaker #2 (Wayne)
2:45pm: Break
3:00pm: Ask the Padres
4:00pm: Break
4:15pm: Skits
5:00pm: Vespers
6:00pm: Supper
7:00pm: Surprise evening!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

9:00am: Breakfast/Clean up
10:00am: Small Groups/Closing
10:30am: Liturgy
12:00pm: Lunch

We’re going to have some great speakers and activities, so get ready for an awesome weekend!

See you there,


Calling All Youth in Grades 8-12!


The Edmonton Eparchial UCY Executive is calling all youth in grades 8-12 to join them in Calgary, AB, for a winter retreat at St. Stephen Protomartyr. It’s happening November 16-18 for a cost of only $30 (which includes accommodations, meals, and tonnes of fun)! To register, simply fill out the registration form below and either email it to, hand it to Matt Charanduk whenever you might see him, or mail it to:

Edmonton Eparchial UCY
9645 108 St.
Edmonton, AB
T5H 1A3

All cheques are made payable to Edmonton Eparchial UCY.

Now, for those of you not in Calgary, does this mean you cannot attend if you live elsewhere? Heck no! Of course you can! The Edmonton people will be taking various vehicles down to Calgary on Friday evening, so you will have a way there and back. We might even be able to pop into Red Deer and pick people up there. Just make sure when you fill out the form to write in that you need  transportation and we’ll figure it out.

For any other questions, please contact either Joyanne Rudiak at [email protected] or Matt Charanduk at [email protected] You can also check out our Facebook event here.

Thanks so much and see you all there!

Joyanne Rudiak
Edmonton Eparchial UCY President


Unity 2012- Into the Wild!

taken from the Redemptorist Website:

Unity 2012- Into the Wild!

From August 16th to 19th approximately 120 Ukrainian Catholic young adults and speakers gathered together at Wilderness Edge Retreat Centre in Pinawa, MB for Unity 2012. The theme was “Into the Wild” inspired by Isaiah 40:3. This theme continually pointed us towards realizing the purpose of Unity: to understand, embrace, and celebrate our faith at a national level.

We began on Thursday with a hay ride and a steak Barbeque cooked by our clergy including a couple of bishops. We were greeted byour facilitators, Lesia Sianchuk and Fr. Ivan Nahachewsky, who did an excellent job of connecting the various elements of the weekend together and keeping us engaged. The opening ceremonies included a Moleben to Blessed Nykyta Budka and the assembling of the Unity cross, made with wood from each of the different Eparchies, all of which were represented including BC! The program finished with a chance to gather in assigned small groups for the first time of many to share.

Co-facilitators: Lesia & Fr. Ivan

After celebrating the Divine Liturgy on Friday morning the podium was turned over to our keynote speaker, Fr. Athanasius McVay. As this Unity coincided with the 100th Anniversary of having a Ukrainian Catholic Bishop in Canada, he spoke about Blessed Nykyta Budka. Over the course of the weekend he shared the life story of this martyr, including how he came to Canada at a young age in order to take charge of the largest diocese in the world. Learning details about his life in Ukraine, Canada, and finally in Kazakhstan where he suffered and died for Christ challenged and inspired us to live our faith with the same passion and commitment today. These sessions and the question and answer period brought each of us young adults closer to our first Canadian Bishop and gave us a fuller appreciation of our roots.

Fr. Athanasius on Blessed Nykyta

During the afternoon the group spilt up to attend three workshops of their choice. Options included: Fr. Taras Kowch speaking about his grandfather Blessed Emilian; Fr. Michael Smolinski CSsR discussing seeing Christ in the Poor especially through his experience at The Welcome Home;  Melita Mudri-Zubacz sharing the history and spirit of liturgical singing; Sr. Emily Schietzsch SSMI talking about vocations including her own path to becoming a sister; Fr. Michael Kwiatkowski motivating all to take ownership in the Church’s mission today; Sr. Teresa Matwe, SSMI drawing attention to the sex trade in Ukraine; Fr. Mark Gnutel covering the concept of communication between people and God; Mary Jane Kalenchuk, Ksenya Kavets, and Fr. John Sianchuk CSsR exploring the life of Blessed Vasyl and the ministry of his Shrine in Winnipeg. It was a privilege to have such an epic group of presenters and we were stoked to have them. Friday evening wound up with Taste of the Eparchies, giving each province a chance to strut their stuff. Highlights included Mundare kubasa, waffles and maple syrup shots, province themed shooters and skits, and karaoke. Fun was had by all.

Three Bishops sporting sunglasses!

Our third day started with Third Hour. Fr. Athanasius took the stand again for more keynote speeches during the morning. In the afternoon we got the chance to get to know Bishop David, Bishop Bryan, and Metropolitan Lawrence a little better as in the words of the Metropolitan, we- the mob of young people- captured and interrogated them. Really, we just presented them with questions, in the form of tweets, about themselves and about living out our faith. Then Fr. Stephen Wojochewski led us in a reconciliation session and service, followed by the opportunity to go to one of 12 priests for personal confession. There were also two sisters available to talk to and pray with during that time.

Saturday Night Kolomeyka

Wilderness Edge set the tone for our closing banquet by providing a pig roast. A group of young adults did improv as entertainment and thank-you’s were said, especially to Tamara Lisowski, the Manitoba Youth Coordinator who was the mastermind behind Unity 2012 and to her dedicated team of young adults. That night we had a chance to dance to the sounds of Sloohai during the Zabava!

The weekend quickly came to a close with a memorable Divine Liturgy at the Cooks Creek grotto on Sunday morning. Metropolitan Lawrence’s homily on the gospel of the Rich Young Man challenged us all to examine what we are willing to give up in order to follow Christ on our own journeys into the wild. We were sent off to our own Eparchies renewed and transformed, with a blessing and an invitation to come to Unity 2014.

Unity 2012 at Pinawa


iWitness is our newest and greatest contest that encourages students to showcase how they witness the Lord working in their lives, by way of drawings, pictures, written works, or videos.

check it out:


Kenosis: Catholic Youth Pilgrimage

Kenosis is a Pilgrimage for Youth and Young adults from Eastern Alberta, to Winnipeg, to go see the shrine of Blessed Vasyl Velechkovsky, a Saint in the making.

For more information please see the attached PDF: Kenosis Poster
 or contact Fr. Bo of Lloydminster

World Youth Day 2013 – Rio, Brazil

“Go and Make Disciples of All Nations!” (CF MT 28:19)

taken from the WYD site:


“The World Youth Day in Madrid renewed the call on youth to be the yeast that makes the dough rise, giving to the world the hope that borns with the faith. Be generous when giving a testimony of Christian life, especially having in consideration the next World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro.”

This call was made by Pope Benedict XVI when proclaiming the theme of World Youth Day Rio2013: “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28, 19), during the general audience on August 24.

At that time, the catechesis was dedicated to WYD 2011, which was over on the 21th of the same month. Benedict XVI recalled fondly the joy of participation of the about two million young people in Madrid, to what he called “a wonderful experience of brotherhood, encounter with the Lord, sharing and growth in faith: a veritable cascade of light.”

That’s why is so important that young people in Brazil and the world from now on assume that call to mission and participate in the World Youth Day as living witnesses of Christ.

PFor the Father Gerardo Dondici Vieira, director of the Theology Department at PUC-Rio, this is a theme to be kept in the heart, reflected and meditated. “This theme, about making disciples, call other disciples to communion and fellowship with the Lord, is the theme dearest to the Gospel of Matthew. This mandate, this mission is already announced in the whole Gospel. And in fact, can only make disciples the one who is already a disciple, who lives with the Lord” said the priest.

Father Dondici points out that this testimony and proclamation of Christ himself, are major challenges for youth, living in a pluralistic world, with thousands of information either through schools, recreation, internet, especially in the contact with social networks, like facebook, twitter: “With these thousand shares, he, young disciple, is called to plant in the hearts of those he meets, with whom it communicates, the desire to be a disciple of Jesus”.

“What does the disciple of Jesus wins? Wins the presence in the kingdom, wins the certainty of God’s love, wins the certainty to be for the others a sign of mercy and love. Wins carrining and giving the peace of the Lord. Forgiveness, mercy, peace, these are the fruits and gifts that the world really needs. Violence, war, corruption, evil, everything that takes away the possibility of the young to grow up and put all its richness and vitality service of humanity, are the ones who will diminish in society.”he said.

In the final term of the text of Matthew – “Go and make disciples of all nations” – explained the priest, there is a great anthropological dream of us all, that the contact with the Lord, the friendship with Him, awaken the best that eachone has in himself.

“We live in a world where there are many wastes, loss of human life, due to lack of chance. The fellowship with the Lord brings out our best. The announcement “Go and make disciples of all nations” is an announcement for a lifetime. At no time we can take a break from it, because it assumes that the one who is a friend of the Lord, by his life, by his way of being in the world, communicate to others the light, the beauty and joy of being a disciple of the Lord. That is the mission that our church needs. Many times we are paralyzed and stunned by a world that goes a little crazy, but in this world we have the presence of the Lord who has chosen us, who chose the youth to be a sign of His love and joy in the world” concluded.

Well, Unity 2012 is done… by Organizer Tamara

Well, Unity 2012 is done….and it was AMAZING!!!

Thank to all the workers, the participants, the leaders, the presenters and the supporters!!

It was an awsome journey INTO THE WILD!!  and we all found our path!!

Thank you everyone for all the memories!  Thank you to all my helpers for all that they did to make Unity 2012 the success that it was!  Thank you to everyone that attended Unity 2012 (I can’t believe it’s done….was it just a dream????)  WHAT A CELEBRATION!!!!!!  (Ok now everyone make me laugh…)

I hope everyone made it home safe and sound today (or in the next few days for those that have extended their journey).

I need to thank a group that I forgot to thank at the banquet…Thank you to the Ontario group for providing the wine for the banquet!  (I knew I would forget to mention someone…sorry about that!)

We will be posting photos within the week for everyone to see!  Also, if you have not filled in and given me the evaluation form, then please feel free to drop it in the mail and send it to me at: 233 Scotia St, Wpg, MB, R2V 1V7.  I will also put a copy of the form on line for you to fill out and e-mail or mail to me ASAP.  Thank you for sharing your thought for us to share with the future Unity planning Teams.

Thank you again for everything!!


and the Unity 2012 Planning Team!

Unity 2012 was Awesome!

What a Spirit filled event!

Young adults from across our country (and a few from the US too) gathered to better understand our faith, to pray together, to celebrate together and to bond together in Piniwa, MB.  The whole event went very smoothly.  May God bless all the organizers, presenters and participants.

Cant wait for the next Unity… probably in 2014???

Update on Unity 2012!


A heads up to those still wanting to join the Edmonton Eparchy’s group for our Unity 2012 excersion: there are only 23 spots left! Do not miss this awesome opportunity to meet with like-minded young adults from across Canada (and even the United States)!

For more information and to register, check out the Unity 2012 website at Also, check out our Facebook page!

I’m super excited for this event and I hope to share this experience with all of you!

Joyanne, Unity 2012 Planning Team (Edmonton Eparchy)