Schools come for a Liturgy and to bless water at HSP

Every January over 1200 school children from the 4 Catholic Elementary schools come to Holy Spirit Parish to bless water, to celebrate the Divine Liturgy and to grow closer to God.  During the homily Fr. Bo and his trusty side-kick Marilyn (the Catechetical Puppet), explained the theology of “blessing stuff”.  Here is a picture of the backs of everyone’s heads at one of the services.  Also present was Fr. Louis from St. Anthony’s RC Parish.


We want to see your parish’s Youth Websites

Does your parish youth group have a website, face-book account or some other online presence?  If so we want to know about it!

Here are a couple youth websites that we’d like to show you.

St. Stephen’s Parish in Calgary: 

Ukrainian Catholic Youth Past and Present-Edmonton Eparchy

Programs Page including “Kid’s Club” of Holy Spirit Parish Lloydminster (& Districts):


Kids Have Fun at Parish Programs

Most parishes have programs where they teach, play with and pray with their kids.  Part of the mission of the Youth Ministry Office is to support parishes in our Eparchy in this type of ministry.  If you would like help setting up events in your parish, or if you would like to know what is going on in a parish near you, please contact Millie the Director.

Below is a short little video of some kids attending Holy Spirit Parish in Lloydminster’s “Kid’s Club”.  In the video you will hear them laugh as they race to pass smarties from one bowl to another without using their hands.  The Kid’s Club at this parish meets every few weeks on Fridays after school in the parish basement.  In addition to visiting and playing fun games, they also do singing practice, altar serving practice, they study about their faith by using the “God with Us” series, and they eat.  Wow do they ever eat.


The Right Rite

This is a video of the “Right Rite”, a young adult event that we held in Edmonton on November 25, 2011.  At this event we had Fr. Greg Faryna and Fr. Paul Kavenagh talk with us about the similarities and differences between the Ukrainian Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church.


Unity 2012

For Young Adults 18 to 35

Please mark your calendar for August 16th to 19th 2012.

Into the Wild Unity 2012 at Pinawa Manitoba. Please check out the Unity website for more information or call Millie Schietzsch Youth Director @ 780-424-5496 or email [email protected].


From the “About Unity” page of the Unity 2012 website:

About Unity 2012

 Слава Ісусу Христу!

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Unity 2012: Into The Wild

August 16-19, 2012

Mission Statement

Unity 2012 is a Ukrainian Catholic national gathering of young adults to further understand, embrace and celebrate our faith through prayer, education and fellowship.


UNITY 2012 Theme: Into the Wild 

Through keynotes, prayer, personal witnesses and workshops we will be exploring the theme, Into the Wild. The theme is inspired in part by our surroundings. We are gathering at Wilderness Edge Retreat Center, which is surrounded by awe inspiring wilderness. As Christians, we also must venture out into the wilderness; one that is both a challenge and an adventure. What is ‘wilder’ than setting out on a path with Jesus Christ as his disciple?



Prayer Program

  • Daily morning, evening and meal prayers
  • Divine Liturgy
  • Reconciliation Service and opportunity to participate in the Holy Mystery of Penance

Educational Program

  • One keynote speaker
  • Interactive and experiential workshop will be offered by gifted young adult educators in the Ukrainian Catholic Church from across Canada.

Fellowship Program

  • Welcome BBQ and bonfire
  • “Taste of the Eparchies” – An event in which each Eparchy can showcase their talent, their accomplishments within the Church, and their hospitality.
  • Zabava (Banquet and Dance)
  • Opportunities to meet as a small groups for reflection and discussion based on the theme of the weekend
  • An opportunity to meet as individual Eparchies to discuss young adult ministry



All Ukrainian Catholic Young Adults (ages 18-35) are invited to share in the weekend.  Attendance is anticipated from post-secondary students, young professionals and young married couples.  The weekend is being planned to accommodate 150 participants.   



Wilderness Edge Retreat Centre is located in Pinawa, MB. Wilderness Edge provides a tranquil retreat from hectic city life. Step outside our doors and take in the stunning river and boreal forest views. Find yourself in awe of the many deer and wildlife that wander their property.


$225 before May 31, 2012; $250 after June 1, 2012

Welcome to the Youth Website!

Welcome!  Over the past few weeks we have been making a lot of changes to this site, and we plan to make a lot more in the next few weeks.  Please look around, and think of suggestions for us.  Once you have them, please contact Millie at the Youth Ministry Office.

Ideas people have given us so far:

  • put some games on the site
  • who is the “Youth Commission”?
  • links to things like World Youth Day
  • make it twitter & face book friendlier
  • make it more accessible to smart phones
  • have a “Ask Millie”, “Ask a priest” and/or a “Ask Baba” section
  • have some youth group resources available
We’d love to hear your ideas too…

Welcome and Intro Video

2011/2013 UCYC Executive

Congratulation to the new UCYC executive: (Back) Michael Buckler; (Middle L to R) Emily Storie, Matt Charanduk, Kaitlin Chelack, Millie Schietzsch; (Front L to R) Tetiana Hlus, Marissa Nahirney, Joyanne Rudiak, Namisha Hlus